Curio has been created by a collaboration between three companies who have spent decades providing services to the museum sector. We could see a need for museums to have the power and freedom to make their own interactives, without needing us to create them for you. 


our founders

Curio's founders each head their own impressive companies servicing the museum sector. Emily Loughnan co-founded Click Suite with a single minded focus to make interactive media that audiences simply love. Robin Marshall has led the team of developers at Touchtech and spear-headed many innovative museum projects from a technology perspective. James McLean has an equally impressive background designing and creating museum exhibitions through his company Story Inc. Three companies at the top of their game, who came together to create something they knew their clients, and potential clients, would love. 

Curio is perfect for simple interactives that tell stories about single objects, or a collection of objects. Create your own account, and start trying it out for yourself. 

Curio is set to challenge the old model of bespoke interactives. You won’t need us anymore; you can go ahead and make your own.
— Emily Loughnan, Click Suite