Why use Curio?


engage visitors

Curio is like having an expert standing right next to your object, ready to tell its fascinating stories. By recording your experts' stories on audio,  you can create an intriguing interactive where visitors can zoom in on detail, appreciating the objects themselves, while they listen to first hand insights.

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Making your own interactives means you can make your precious exhibition budget go further. You no longer have to hire a specialist company to make a simple interactive - you can do it yourself! (Or get your summer intern to do it for you.)

At $5,000 per year, a licence for a single interactive is a fraction of the cost of having a bespoke interactive made. 

make changes at any time

Once you've published your interactive you can make as many changes as you like, whenever you want, straight from your desktop, and published to the gallery floor. That means you can respond to things like current events, seasons, or public holidays. 

no technical skills needed

Making a Curio interactive is as easy as putting together a PowerPoint - follow the steps and write your text, add in images and publish it when you're ready. 

Our Tips blog gives you a guide on how to make the very best interactive. Our team has decades of experience, so we can help you with every step. 

So, no need to hire that developer.

see what works

Once your interactive is published, you can use the inbuilt analytics to see how it is being used, and which highlights are most popular.

You can even see which parts of your hero image visitors are zooming in on - so you can add a new highlight to respond to that area of interest.   

make another one!

Once you've made one interactive, why not make another? Even with a single interactive license, you can change your interactive to a whole new one, anytime you're ready. 

And, if you want more interactives live simultaneously, you can upgrade your licence at any time.