The best uses for overviews

Overviews are additional buttons that appear on the main menu of your interactive. They're in addition to your highlights, but they are not related to a specific detail. 

You don't have to have any overviews, so only add them if they enhance the experience. 

Great uses of overviews can be:

  • More about the creator, artist, owner, etc. If you can shape these to be relevant to THIS object or image, that would make it even better. 
  • Information about the era, the style, or generic context that gives the visitor more to appreciate about what they're seeing. 
  • Associated media, such as a poem or a song that belongs with the image or objects and helps you look at it in a new light. 
  • Other languages or perspectives. It could be used to offer a specific cultural perspective, or even a story in another language.
  • Adding accessibility. Using an overview for something like an audio description of a painting for a blind person to listen to, is another great way to broaden your audeince and easily cater for a variety of needs. 

Once again, less is more, every overview adds a button to your main menu. 

Keep the names of your overviews to one or two words, so they make a good button size, and are clear indicators to the visitor or what's behind this button. 

Overviews are a great way to add context. 

Overviews are a great way to add context.